Our Courtesy Bathroom - Family

Over the last few months we decided we wanted to give our bathrooms a more luxurious feel. Somewhere a little more home like, providing a warmer feel. Our portable, temporary bathroom was our second addition to the Courtesy range and it will now be known as our "Family Bathroom Pod".

Offering a spacious, warm and private environment allowing your family to stay at home.

Bathroom facilities are essential for everyone no matter who or where you are, whether you live alone or have a large family. Being without toilet and washing facilities can place a huge strain on daily life. That's where our Courtesy Bathroom comes in.

temporary bathroom toilet basin

This fully mobile, temporary temporary bathroom has a clean and hygienic design, is completely insulated and heated allowing you to refresh and relax.

As with all our products, the bathroom requires just two double plug sockets and access to your external water supply to be operational.

temporary bathroom shower cubicle

Hot running water available at any time of the day, a built in body and hair dryer, storage for your towels and toiletries and a space to get yourself ready provides the perfect temporary bathroom solution.

temporary bathroom hair and body dryer

As a fully mobile bathroom, and with skilled drivers, we are able to manoeuvre into tricky spaces, so if you are ever unsure, please give call us to discuss a site survey.

To learn more about our Courtesy Family Bathroom Pod please click here.

Alternatively, please call us on 01268 833578 or email

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