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Your Trusted Partner for Courtesy Kitchen and Bathroom Solutions

We specialise in the design, build and supply of industry-leading kitchen and bathroom pods, prioritising peace of mind and client experience during insurance claims or renovations


You tell us the problem, we'll work out the solution! We offer a bespoke service to resolve your temporary kitchen and bathroom requirements.

Customer Service

We understand you are already experiencing a stressful time so we will always go that extra mile to ease the process for you.


Comfort and safety was at the forefront of our design process. We made that extra investment to ensure our clients have the best possible experience.


Eliminate the costs of rented accommodation, extra travelling and pet boarding by staying in the comfort of your own home.

The Courtesy
Green Energy Commitment

With the ever growing issue of climate change matched only by the soaring cost of energy for home and business owners, it’s never been more important to make greener choices wherever possible.

  • To help our clients and homeowners minimise their impact on the environment

  • To continually looks for new ways to create sustainable solutions

  • To retrofit solar technology to existing pods where possible


Reaching the whole of the UK in as

little as 24 hours

Committed to providing swift and reliable service when it's needed most, our expert team are able to deliver our premium kitchen and bathroom pods to any location in the UK within as little as 24 hours.

Our aim is to reduce stress and restore a sense of normality for homeowners as quickly as possible.

Reducing our mileage, emissions and delivery times all in one go, with multi-drop deliveries

We build our pods from the ground up, which means we're able to make alterations and considerations that our competitors may not, such as how to fit 2 pods safely on a delivery vehicle.


Multi-drop allows us to deliver more pods, more quickly while reducing our emissions, mileage and ultimately vehicles on the road. 

Multidrop Delivery2.png

Pioneering the industry with CKB Exclusive Products

Showcasing innovation through customer demand in a range of kitchen and bathroom pods

available only through Courtesy.

Meet Bertie, our remote controlled,

all-terrain delivery vehicle...

...designed to navigate challenging landscapes and tight spaces with ease.


With Bertie leading the way, we can ensure safer and more efficient delivery of our Courtesy pods, reaching even the most inaccessible properties to serve more properties and homeowners at a time of need. 

Join our dynamic team dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Explore exciting opportunities to grow and thrive in a supportive environment where your skills and passion are valued.

Continue your career with
Courtesy Kitchens & Bathrooms


"Having a clean and modern portable bathroom during a stressful time. They also had to bring the pod a long way.The lady that dealt with everything was very friendly and helpful."


"...Don’t delay – if you’re having a new kitchen fitted, make use of Courtesy Kitchens’ ideas – I can thoroughly recommend them and you’ll find their helpfulness second-to-none."

Sue Forbes

"...It is absolutely fantastic, just as shown on the videos. The 2 guys who delivered it were very professional and got the pod up and running in no time..."

Carmel C

"...The Kitchen Pod has been an absolute lifesaver this winter. It was easy to use and had everything we needed. The young guys who delivered and collected were so lovely too."


"...It was an absolute godsend to have all I needed in the courtesy kitchen including washing machine and dishwasher....Would heartily recommend ..."

Helen Roberts

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