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An instant solution for when yours is out of action.

Discover our range of Courtesy Kitchen
, available anywhere in the UK
in as little as 24 hours.

Explore our Kitchen Pods & Units

Explore our diverse range of kitchen pods tailored to suit various customer preferences and property specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for every need and style.


An ideal solution for when yours is out of

action, the Courtesy Kitchen Pod

Our original kitchen pod, this full-sized solution is perfect for homeowners with ample outdoor space or a driveway, providing a comprehensive kitchen experience during renovations or insurance claims.

The Compact Kitchen Pod, a solar-assisted, eco-friendly choice for smaller spaces

An exclusive offering from CKB, the Eco-Pod presents a compact yet environmentally friendly alternative, ideal for homeowners with limited outdoor space. This innovative pod not only conserves space but also supports a reduction in home energy consumption, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

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For those who need both, the 
Courtesy Combi Pod is the perfect solution

Exclusively from CKB, the Combi Pod is a unique solution crafted for properties facing simultaneous disruptions to both the kitchen and bathroom.


This innovative pod ensures homeowners can swiftly resume their daily routines, underscoring our dedication to comprehensive and efficient temporary solutions.

No driveway? No problem! The

Pop-Up Kitchen unit is an ideal solution.

Designed for ultimate convenience, the Pop-up Kitchen is an ideal solution for homeowners lacking outdoor space or those preferring to utilize alternative indoor areas.


With its flexible setup, this pod ensures a seamless kitchen experience, even in confined environments.

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Quick & Easy Installation 
24/7 Support Available
Home Remains Occupied & Secure

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Minimal Disruption to Daily Life
Saves Time & Money
No Lasting Signs of Use

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Multiple Options to Suite Space Available
Fully Electric, No Fossil Fuels
Complete Control of Hire Period

Got a question about any of our products or services?

You might find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions

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