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Our smallest pod yet, the
Courtesy Shower Pod.

Explore the Courtesy Shower Pod.

Introducing the ideal option for households equipped with an alternative toilet. 

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The smallest household pod to date.

Our latest addition, the Courtesy Shower Pod offers a remarkably pleasant shower experience. Its compact design enables it to effortlessly manoeuvre into even tighter spaces compared to our Compact Bathroom. 


In fact, it can often conveniently fit through side access points, ensuring utmost discretion within homeowners' back gardens.

All we require is access to 2x double plug sockets and a water supply (usually your outside tap)

Main Features:

All our pods meet a CKB minimum standard, designed to ensure the best possible ‘home from home’ experience while meeting meticulously high safety & efficiency standards.


Full LED Lighting


Hot & Cold Running Water
Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

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