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Divide & Conquer - Our new Combi Pod!

More often than not, you'll find in our lovely 2 storey homes that our bathrooms are conveniently sited above our kitchens. This isn't a coincidence, it makes perfect sense from a plumbing perspective! A simple, neat and tidy drainage system, keeping everything easy to access and minimising an eyesore when viewing from the outside.

When dealing with a leak within the bathroom however, this presents a very common problem - Gravity does it's thing and before you know it, you've not only got a bathroom to repair but a kitchen that's rather water logged!

Many of us do not have the space to accommodate both a temporary kitchen and a temporary bathroom, and we were seeing many families reluctantly having to pack up home and find temporary accommodation whilst their repair works were going on.

When a problem presents itself to Courtesy Kitchens and Bathrooms, we take on the challenge to create a solution!

temporary kitchen oven dishwasher

Dividing one of our existing temporary kitchen pods, we've modified the layout so that not only do you have a fully functioning kitchen, you now have a private and clean space to act as your temporary bathroom!

Carefully planned to ensure you still have access to full sized appliances, you still have a space to sit and relax, enjoying your meal with your family and most importantly, you still can wind down, clean and get ready within a well presented bathroom.

temporary kitchen bathroom combi

The kitchen presents itself as a spacious space, with plenty of natural daylight coming in from the front window (which can be opened to let air in and also houses an inbuilt blind should you wish for privacy). You will find a full sized fridge-freezer, sink and draining area, a dishwasher, oven and hob along with plenty of storage space. A table and chairs accompanies the kitchen.

To the rear of the Combi Pod, you will find your washing machine located under the service cupboard and a door leading to the bathroom area.

The bathroom is beautifully presented and inside you have your toilet and basin, along with a shower cubicle and rails for your towels.

temporary bathroom toilet shower kitchen combi

An onboard water heater ensures theres enough hot water to cater for all the family and of course, we have maintained an all electric approach to ensure your pod is available 24/7.

The footprint of the Combi Pod takes up space, not much different to that of a transit van. The box itself is approx 2.6m x 5m in size. As with our other pods, we have two points of access to ensure we can site the pod with maximum ease of access for you.

Find out more and see more pictures of our Combi Pod here.

If you have any questions about of Combi Pod please get in touch

01268 833578 or

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