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Innovation comes in a small package

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

With each lockdown we face our spare time is quite literally that. Like most people over the last year, we've been trying to fill our time with new interests, learning more and just generally trying to keep our minds active.

We had in mind for some time what we wanted our new compact temporary bathrooms to look like but transporting them was the challenge we faced.

We needed something that would act like a vehicle but much smaller. We wanted something that allowed precise placement and could cover all types of terrain. Something that would make deliveries smooth, simple and easy.

The phrase "blood, sweat and tears" couldn't be truer for this project. Around 6 months in progress, countless prototypes, late nights and early mornings and copious amounts of coffee - we finally cracked it!

An all-terrain, remote controlled delivery system! Affectionately nicknamed “Bertie”.

• Copes with loose gravel, steep slopes and can climb curbs

• Fits through a fence panel to increase install options

• 360˚ manoeuvrability

• Full visibility at all times for the installer

• Slight and small adjustments made with ease

• Vehicle detaches and adjustable legs provide support and levelling

• Allows pod to be sited as close to the ground as possible, increasing accessibility

“Bertie” is currently only compatible with our new Bathroom Pod – Compact range – Requiring just 2 plugs to power, it’s still got everything you need and looks incredible!

temporary portable bathroom

If you have any questions please get in touch 01268 833578 or

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